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One of the first stolen vehicle Recovery and Fleet Management systems established in EAST LONDON to accommodate our harsh terrain where signals are more often than not a challenge. Smarttrack SA is proud to say that within Management we have 35 years of experience in the Tracking and Fleet Monitoring Industry.


Smarttrack SA offers a variety of friendly systems with Superior Google earth mapping and on certain platforms updates on vehicle position every 10 seconds.


Smarttrack SA also caters for every user, from individual to Corporate clients with our range of Basic and Sophisticated Fleet Monitoring services. Installations are done covertly by a qualified engineer. The design of the Smarttrack SA units are compact, which caters for effective concealment.


Electronic connections are kept to a minimum, therefore ensuring the integration of wiring is done to maximum quality.

When you track. We've Got your back!!!



We don’t give promises we can’t keep. We are supportive but we are also realistic. We want you to be successful and can only do so by providing you with plausible opportunities.



We know in difficult economic times, finding more room in the budget isn’t easy. That is why we offer products and solutions which are affordable and help you protect one of your biggest assets.



At Smarttrack SA it isn’t about survival of the fittest but survival of the most adaptable. We are constantly looking for ways to evolve and grow, assisting clients in an ever changing environment, where specific needs can often lead to changes in lifestyle.



No call centres, no automated responses. We are always just a phone call, sms or email away. Smarttrack SA endeavours to assist each and every customer as efficiently and speedily as possible.


YOU do matter

If you are aligned to Smarttrack SA then you play a massive role in our company. Your success matters to us, we wouldn’t be who we are without you.


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 (087) 288 5231 or (071) 211 4818

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