Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking devices are designed for monitoring/tracking; Containers, Trailers, Boats and other assets where extremely long battery life is required without foregoing performance and the rate of updates.


Advantages Of Our Asset Tracking Devices:

  • Ease of installation
  • Can be mounted inside channels or pipe as long as there is a little space for the signal to get in
  • Super long battery life (Up to 7 years)* *(Dependent on parameters and device)
  • Battery Status and low battery alert
  • Unauthorized movement alert
  • Easily moved from one asset to another, no auto-electrician required
  • Tracking 24/7 regardless of the asset power source
  • Asset tracking can supply details regarding asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, temperature and more.
  • Recovery Mode: Enable “live-tracking” in the event of theft
  • Setup geo-fencing and alerts when the asset is operating outside of prescribed work hours or sites.
  • Run hour or odometer readings to schedule maintenance jobs to protect the longevity of your asset
  • Event Detection: To configure and alert you about asset misuse or abuse.

Once you begin to use our asset tracking solutions, you will find there are many more advantages.

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