Vehicle Camera Solutions


Camera(s) installed into vehicle

Smarttrack SA cameras are installed with a cellular modem, microphone*, GPS and HD Cameras.


Event is triggered

In the event of an incident, Smarttrack SA records HD video to its internal camera storage. Customers can also be notified of G-Force events.


Data stored on camera storage and live streamed to platform

Customers receive all data and video in “real-time” (speed, location, time). Customers can view multiple vehicles at the same time.


Footage and drive data analyzed

Fleet owners/ managers are able to view, analyze and save data from the platform and notifications are also available.

(customers can review footage remotely via Smarttrack SA platform)

Vehicle Camera Solution:

  • 1080p vehicle drive recorder with microphone, GPS, 3g modem & wi-fi.
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition, resulting in automated operation.
  • Remotely access and enable device, even if vehicle ignition is off.
  • “Real-time” video monitoring, GPS location, speed, time and data storage up to (1tb).
  • Connect up to 8 cameras
  • IP67; shock-proof
  • Dual record mode (continuous & event).
  • Monthly fee applicable when activating with Smarttrack SA service.
  • Live video footage is available via pc or smartphone app


T's & C's Apply


Features included in the Smarttrack SA service:

  • Trip Playback function
  • Trip Reports with Google Street Level Mapping
  • Daily reports on PC, Tablet or Android platforms
  • Early warning notifications i.e. Battery disconnect
  • Over speed alarm and zone alarm with Geo-Fencing
  • Web access to monitor your vehicle and access to the App
  • Live Tracking · Back up Battery · Notifications via Email/SMS
  • Remote Access to in-vehicle CCTV
  • Remote power up via SMS to activate the CCTV in the event that the run timer has expired after ignition off
  • Remote CCTV access via App.
  • Up to 20GB CCTV Data transfer

T's & C's Apply

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